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Her work often explores the ‘crossover area’ between these worlds, where art inspires art.


Case in point: Viv’s recent work - Odessey and Oracle: A Portrait Of An Album - was inspired by her part in the live performances of an iconic pop album, which in turn inspired adaptations and expansions of her work to print, stage and the web.


A Portrait Of An Album is a series of mixed-media collage pieces, each evoking the emotion of the 12 songs found on The Zombies’ acclaimed 1968 album Odessey and Oracle (which was co-written and performed by her husband, Chris White, the band’s original bassist), and incorporating elements of the original album cover (painted by their longtime friend Terry Quirk).  This inspiration came from experiencing the lyrics and melodies on a nightly basis, when Viv was invited to sing background vocals with The Zombies in 2015, on an extensive American tour commemorating Odessey and Oracle.  

By 2017, the A Portrait Of An Album series had become the basis for ‘The Odessey’: The Zombies In Words And Images, the debut release from BMG Books.  The stunning 10”x10” coffee-table book features reproductions of Viv’s pieces accompanied by handwritten lyrics, remembrances by the band, rare photographs, testimonials from celebrity fans (ranging from the late Tom Petty to Cage The Elephant), and a new cover by Terry Quirk.  Simultaneously, Viv’s pieces were developed into a gorgeous series of lyric videos by animator, Jamieson Mundy, which were debuted online by People Magazine, and projected as the backdrop on concert stages around the world when The Zombies extended their Odessey and Oracle tours throughout 2017-2018.

In addition to her work with The Zombies, Viv is an active singer, songwriter and vocal arranger, having recorded and arranged backing vocals for numerous artists, including Colin Blunstone,  Bianca Kinane,  Francie Conway,  John Verity,  Beki Brindle,  JJ White,  Gordon Haskell & Mark Leen.  She was a member of the award winning London Bulgarian Choir for 5 years.  Viv performed with the choir for the BBC TV Electric Proms alongside the band Doves, and was part of a small group selected from the choir to perform at the Glastonbury Festival backing the band British Sea Power.  Viv’s vocals can also be heard on the ‘Forerunner’ level of Neil Davidge’s soundtrack for the ‘Halo 4’ computer game.


Together with her husband Chris White, they wrote an award-winning anthem used for the European Union’s opening of borders in 1992, and wrote and co-produced an album (‘Passion Has Dreams’) for the wonderful Bianca Kinane (2012).

Currently Viv is completing a book of witty observational drawings, and creating images for new music videos.  She is also collaborating with Chris White and Terry Quirk on their new musical about the fascinating history The Zombies and Odessey and Oracle.

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